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Last page update: 20/11/2019

Ph.D. on Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

Senior AI Research Engineer at ActiveEon, Paris - France.
Experienced C++ and Python Developer.

15+ years of professional experience with software engineering, software architecture and software design. I have been working since Nov 2000 with low-level and high-level software development at several IT companies (please see my CV).


Summary of my AI research experience:


Since 2010, my AI research activities include intelligent video analysis for object detection, segmentation, and tracking, to perform event/action recognition and behavior classification/prediction.

I also developed and deployed computer vision and machine learning models on the edge using system-on-a-chip (SoC) devices like Raspberry PI, PandaBoard, and NVIDIA Jetson TX2.

My Ph.D. was focused on the application of advanced matrix and tensor methods for robust low-rank/sparse representation and subspace learning/clustering of multidimensional and streaming data, such as moving object detection and background-foreground separation in multi-spectral and multi-featured video sequences.

In the past, between my B.Sc. and my M.Sc, I worked on several embedded systems and robotic projects using microcontrollers and SoC boards to read sensors, I/O devices, performing data acquisition, signal processing, image/video processing, wireless communication and motor control. For more information, please se my Projects page at the top of this page.


Main research interests: Computer Vision, Machine / Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition, Applied Mathematics, Matrix / Tensor Decomposition, Optimization, Big Data.

Journal reviewer: I peer-reviewed for more than 10 high quality journals, such as Elsevier (CVIU, IVC, PRL, NC, IF), Springer (NCA, CC, FITEE, JIVP), IEEE (TIP, TNNLS, TCSVT), MDPI (Sensors), JEI, JOSA-A, PLOS ONE. For more information, please see my Publons profile for an updated version.


Int. Conferences/Workshop reviewer: ICCV 2015 (RSL-CV), ICIAP 2015 (SBMI), ISCV 2017.


My open source libraries and source code:

BGSLibrary - A Background Subtraction Library.

VDTC - Vehicle Detection, Tracking and Counting.

LRSLibrary - Low-Rank and Sparse tools for Background Modeling and Subtraction in Videos.

MTT - Matlab Tensor Tools for Computer Vision.

IMTSL - Incremental and Multi-feature Tensor Subspace Learning.

OSTD - Online Stochastic Tensor Decomposition.

For more details, please visit my GitHub profile: https://github.com/andrewssobral

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